The 68th Solanco Fair
September 20th - 22nd, 2017


It's fair time – won't you join us?
The Fair

Experience the same wholesome atmosphere filled with fellowship, food and friendly competition today that the founders of the Solanco Fair envisioned over 60 years ago. In the spring of 1950, a group of farm women enthusiastically decided that the Solanco area needed a fair of its own. With the help of many different community and agricultural based organizations, in September of that same year, the first Solanco Fair made its debut and was here to stay.

The Solanco Fair is not only a vital part of the Southern End Community; it reflects the spirit and values of the individuals living in the community. Dedicated citizens volunteer their time and many talents throughout the year to ensure a successful event. At the fair, they can be found diligently working to supervise the many behind-the-scenes details that make the event run like a well-oiled machine. It is with deep appreciation that we say thank you to these friends, businesses and community organizations.

Attracting individuals of all ages, the Solanco Fair is a work in progress. Over the years, the fair has both improved and built new facilities on the fairgrounds, added new entertaining events to its three-day-line-up; and welcome new categories in which to display competitive handiwork. While the fair association works to see that the Solanco Fair changes to meet the needs of the growing community, it is also a source of pride that the fair retains much of the same community spirit, volunteer dedication, and agricultural heritage as that of the very first fair.

Every September in the Southern Lancaster County you will find FFA and 4-H members grooming their animals for show; proud cooks in their kitchen baking treats for the judges to sample; farmers and gardeners choosing their produce for competition; young children participating in the parades; and an overall enthusiastic and excited attitude in the citizens of the Solanco area. It’s fair time – won’t you join us?

  • Fair Information

    Learn more about all contests offered.

    Exhibits may be entered Tuesday September 13, 2016 starting at noon. Entries now close at 9:00 in all department except for in the livestock division.

  • Parade

    Learn more how to participate in the parade.

  • Food

    Find out which vendors will be serving food.

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Brian Mull
Quarryville, PA
Josh Spangler
First Vice-President
Quarryville, PA
Robert Lowry
Second Vice-President
Quarryville, PA
Peggy Osborne
Recording Secretary
Quarryville, PA
Audrey Lefever
Corresponding Secretary
Quarryville, PA
Becky Spangler
Peach Bottom, PA
Robin Peters
Assistant Treasurer
New Providence, PA
Scott Peiffer
General Manager
Quarryville, PA
Scott Kreider
Assistant General Manager
Quarryville, PA
Robah Hess
Assistant General Manager
New Providence, PA
Rick Rankin
Assistant General Manager
Quarryville, PA
Lynn Hess
Building Manager
Quarryville, PA